Unfortunately, loss events and accidents are a part of every-day life. If we or someone close to use experiences an accident or a loss event, in which we are entitled to a compensation for damages or an insurance indemnity, it is good to be familiar at least with our basic rights and obligations. Furthermore, in addition to primary and suitable care for restoring our health, it is also important to take care of the accompanying documentation and suitable support provided by healthcare personnel – our general practitioner as well as specialist physicians. It seems that advice provided by a legal expert can largely contribute to the preparation of suitable documentation for claiming compensation for damages at the time and during treatment. In most cases, suitable documentation has a decisive effect on the amount of the compensation or insurance indemnity that one is entitled to.

Therefore, we would like to invite you to visit us as soon as possible or call us and arrange a meeting at our office. We will provide you with basic instructions by telephone or e-mail.

Types of the most common loss events, regarding which one can, in most cases, claim for damages and/or insurance indemnity:

    • traffic accidents, in which you are involved as the driver of a vehicle (arising from motor third-party liability insurance and motor third-party liability with driver insurance if you or the owner of the vehicle have such a policy at the time of a loss event or if you cause or are partially responsible for causing a traffic accident);
    • traffic accidents where you are involved as a passenger in a car or other type of vehicle (arising from motor third-party liability insurance of the owner of the vehicle);
    • work-related accidents;
    • injuries due to falling on public surfaces or other injuries that are incurred by natural or legal entities who must have professional liability insurance for performing their business activities;
    • injuries or damages incurred due to medical errors or negligent treatment;
  • damages incurred as a result of a criminal offence, e.g. minor or serious bodily injury.

In the vast majority of the listed examples, compensation is claimed after completed treatment from the insurance company, with which legal or natural persons have a material and non-pecuniary damage insurance; therefore, claims for compensation are submitted to the insurance company in question after all data has been obtained. After obtaining a reply, we provide counsel on whether the compensation offered is suitable for you considering case law and other practice gained, or whether it would be reasonable to file a suit against the insurance company or the person responsible.

In order to provide the most suitable form of representation, we sometimes provide advice to clients before filing a compensation claim or before filing a suit and we organise consultation and, if necessary, an examination by medical experts, with whom our firm cooperates, all for the purpose of obtaining the most realistic expectations and groundwork prior to filing a claim or a suit.

In the event of especially serious injuries, the family members of the injured party are also entitled to receive compensation, of course under conditions set forth by law.

Forms of damages, to which you are entitled as the injured/aggrieved party under the law:

    • material damages;
  • non-pecuniary damages (reimbursement of lost income or profit, fear, emotional distress due to the decreased ability to perform day to day activities, any malformation or any emotional distress experienced or future bodily or emotional distress).


Upon entering into an attorney-client relationship, you will not incur any costs related to the representation by our firm. The payment of attorney services is carried out when damages are settled by insurance companies or, in the event of a special agreement with the client, in the maximum amount of 15% of the value of the compensation granted and paid. In any case, we provide a detailed explanation to each client, as they enter into an attorney-client relationship, on the course of the procedure, any costs that may be incurred during litigation in the form of court fees or the payment of expert opinions, and any other (un)foreseen costs. This allows each client to have full insight and idea about the course of claiming for their compensation before the firm carries out any procedural activities.

All of the above only serves as basic information that may assist you in claiming for compensation, so we would like to invite you to visit us personally to obtain specific advice. Come see us at our offices at Ljubljanska 20, 3000 Celje, or call: +386 (0)3 422 41 41